Do you have a solution to contribute to a World Without Waste?
Get to know Coke Brazil Beyond Packaging challenge and be part of this revolution.




In 2018, Coke launched an ambitious initiative called World Without Waste, which aims to improve the processes of its packaging chain as a whole (from production to disposal) and has goals such as: collecting and recycling the equivalent of each can and bottle sold until 2030.


To contribute to the initiative, Beyond Packaging seeks solutions that, through technology or new business models, can contribute to a more sustainable world with no waste in the environment. 



The platform


We will contribute through innovation, good ideas and entrepreneurial spirit to a World Without Waste.


Beyond Packaging is a platform created by Coke Brazil to find solutions that, through technology or new business models, can contribute to a more sustainable world with no residues in the environment.


Solutions that sign up for the 2019 edition can participate in two separate programs:

Connection or Acceleration  






Aims to connect Coke Brazil with proven and validated solutions to run a pilot with the company. If successful, the goal is to scale the pilot to other areas of the company.




Seek for ideas that, which financial and technical support for the development of MVP (minimum viable product), as well as its validation, with an accelerator partner of Coke Brazil.





Beyond Packaging is structured to contribute

to the World Without Waste initiative.


Who are we looking for?

Startups, entrepreneurs, researchers and students who have some solution with adherence to the proposed challenge, which can be just an idea or a structured business.


International startups: only those startups with a National Register of Legal Entities, known as “CNPJ”, in Brazil can participate in the Acceleration program. In case the startup does not have a “CNPJ” in Brazil, it is only eligible for the Connection program.































Contact - If you need support with your application, please contact marcos.monteiro@innoscience.com.br 



The Coke Brazil System is the largest producer of soft drinks in the country and operates in nine segments - water, teas, soft drinks, nectars, juices, dairy products, sports drinks and vegetable drinks - with a line of about 200 products, among regular flavors and zero or low calorie versions. Composed of nine franchised manufacturers groups, plus the partnership with “Leão Alimentos e Bebidas”, the System directly employs 53.7 thousand employees, generating around 600 thousand indirect jobs. The Coke Brazil System maintained the level of investments of approximately R$ 3 billion in 2019, betting on innovation to expand its portfolio and achieve the goal of helping to collect and recycle the equivalent of 100% of its packaging by 2030. The company works to continuing offering more options with less added sugar and with the incentive to initiatives that improve the economic and social development of the communities where it operates.



Innoscience is a Corporate Innovation Consultancy that combines knowledge, method and experiences to support established companies generating results. It has already carried out more than 10 connection platforms with startups with more than 1500 registrations, reaching 93 approved pilots that resulted in 40 hiring between startups and companies. Innoscience is responsible for structuring and operationalizing the Beyond Packaging platform.



StartSe is a connection platform, which uses education and information to strengthen the startup ecosystem. StartSe is responsible for publicizing the program and attracting startups to participate in it.



1 - What is the difference between the two programs of the Beyond Packaging platform?
The difference is that the Connection program searches for startups with at least a validated and tested MVP (or viable minimum product), or even a structured business that already has some customers, to run a pilot with Coke Brazil.

For the Acceleration is looking for solutions still in the phase of ideation, that are seeking financial support to structure, validate and accelerate their MVP.



2 - Will Coke Brazil invest in my startup?
For the selected Acceleration, yes. However, the injection is to develop the MVP, and not in your company. The value of the contribution can be up to R$ 150,000.00 per startup.

For Connection participants, there is no investment. However the costs of the pilots will be agreed in the POC contract between both parties.



3 - Will Coke Brazil have equity in my company?
There is no intention of Coke Brazil in staying with your company's equity, but all proposals made by Startups will be evaluated.



4 - Will Coke Brazil own the intellectual property of my startup?
No, everything that is developed by your startup during the programs will be in possession of your startup.



5 - Who can participate?
Entrepreneurs, startups, researchers, students who are in the stage of ideation until a business structured with clients. Entries will be accepted from all over the country.

All international startups are eligible to participate in the Connection program. On the other hand, to participate in the Acceleration program, international startups must have a National Register of Legal Entities, known as “CNPJ”, registered in Brazil.



6 - Can I submit an idea?
For Acceleration, yes. For the Connection program, we look for MVP already validated and tested.


7 - How are the selection phases?
There are 4 selection moments:

- of the registered startups, up to 20 will be selected for Pitch Day;

- in this event, it will be selected which will go to the Connection week phase, already directed to the Acceleration or Connection;

- after the Connection week, the startups will be able to go to Acceleration and receive a financial contribution of up to R$ 150,000.00 and acceleration or they will be able to run a pilot with Coke Brazil.  




For more information, read the platform regulation.